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Accessibility Statement

This website compliance status is: Partial Compliant

Reasons for Partial Compliance

PDF Documents

Tree View Designs Ltd are working with Selhurst Medical Centre to convert all PDF documents to accessible webpages following the latest WCAG guidance to prevent digital inequality.

How we test this website

We conduct internal testing against known accessibility issues which are not able to be found through automated testing, on a sampled basis. 

This statement was prepared on 3rd January 2023. It was last reviewed on 12th April 2024 by Tree View Designs Ltd.  We tested the home page and 10 random pages.  Next review due 12th April 2025 by Tree View Designs Ltd.


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Further help

If you:

  • Have problems seeing the screen
  • Find it difficult to use the mouse or keyboard
  • Need help with language or reading websites

then we recommend you visit the BBC website My Web My Way, which provides advice on how to make your computer easier to use, whether you are a Windows, Mac or Linux user.